Wondering what the next steps are?

Going solar has never been easier and the Zing Solar team is here to guide you through, step-by-step. We’ll make the process simple and straightforward while handling all the details.

Zing Solar Consultation

1. Get a free, no obligation solar design

We used advanced software to design a system for your home using your electricity usage data and satellite imagery. We do this with no cost and no obligation from you.

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solar rooftop renderings

2. Digital Rooftop Renderings

This is your chance to look at all of the solar program options that are available in your area. You will learn about federal and state tax credits, financing options, and benefits of our no-­cost options. This is the fun part where you get to see how much you can save by switching to solar.

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Half day installation with Zing

3. Speedy installation

We handle everything! From permits and paperwork to the installation, our expert team prides itself on completing jobs efficiently, but without sacrificing the quality workmanship you deserve.

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4. PTO. Permission to Operate

After the installation, our inspectors and any applicable city or utility inspectors will give permission to operate the system. Once approved, the switch to your solar is activated and you start powering your home with solar!

Get paid to recommend solar

5. Earn an extra $400…or more!

We’re confident you’ll love your experience with Zing Solar, and of course, your lower electric bills, so for every new customer you refer that turns into an install, we’ll give you $400. Learn More


Installation in less than 5 hours!

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Imagine you leave for work in the morning and come home to find the job complete—no hassle, no lingering construction mess. In fact, in some cases we’ll be done by lunch, as the video shows. Our experienced, professional team has completed hundreds of installations, so you can rest assured knowing it will be done right the first time. Just don’t blink—you might miss us.

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If I had actually done this months ago, then I would’ve saved approximately $57 a month. The process of actually putting the panels on the roof went very quickly. They were in and out in no time. Very professional.
Sheryl & Donald Stewart
San Diego, CA / View my project
Well, I’m very impressed with Zing Solar because of the fact that they’ve been professional, they’ve been honest, they’ve been upfront, they kept me posted every inch of the way, and they completed what they promised.
Joe Romero
San Diego, CA / View my project
So we’re very happy with signing up with Zing because we calculated it out to be over $50 that we’re saving on our electric bill to start with. And with all the rate increases and summer coming, it’s going to add up real fast. Because we’re a small family trying to start in this economy, any bit of money you save is good money.
James & Ema Moore
San Diego, CA / View my project
Everybody that I’ve dealt with has always been honest, open, and upfront. And when you feel that you can trust the people that you’re working, that’s the kind of relationship that you want to have.
Greg Raby
San Diego, CA / View my project
My rate is lower than what PNM, my electric company, was charging me, and I’m locked in at that rate.
Bill Babnick
Albuquerque, NM / View my project
What I like about the Power Purchase Agreement was that Zing owns the panels, Zing installs the panels, maintains them, and we had had to pay absolutely nothing for it.
Paula Garcia
Rio Rancho, NM / View my project
For me and seeing what was going on, I thought competent and reliable. I mean, they made sure that what they did and installed was going to be corrected. And they did not leave until that was reassured. I like that.
Oskar Kirsten
San Diego, CA / View my project
Well, what impressed me most was that I could put solar on the house and it not cost me a dime. There was no out-of-pocket expense. Zing paid for all the equipment that went on the roof. I didn’t have a dime out of my pocket.
Tom Brosche
San Diego, CA / View my project
I felt he was very straightforward. You’re honest with us and will answer all of our questions.
Perry & Barbara Thompson
San Diego, CA / View my project
What resonated with me was no cost. No cost to me. You guys absorb all the cost, the installation, the maintenance, and then I lock in at a low rate. So for me it was perfect plan. I knew right away that I was going to sign on the dotted line.
Mike McMahon
San Diego, CA / View my project
You guys took care of all the permits, to care of all the work, the installation, even the final paperwork came with a pre-stamped envelope.
Pamela Commins
Albuquerque, NM / View my project
We put the house on the market and I had my first offer in 24 hours.
Peggy Raby
Rio Rancho, NM / View my project
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